Yellow Elanor is a place where those new to the world of mushrooms can learn and develop their skills, where the more experienced are entertained and everyone alike can be inspired.

Five years ago when mushrooms caught my attention, photographs played a huge role in my learning and identification process. I had built up a collection of photos on my phone, and pondered how to best sort them with the information I gained about each one. I played with the idea of sharing them online but had been off all social media for years with little interest in going back to old avenues of online sharing, however, Instagram intrigued me. So three years ago, as I was sitting on a sun soaked balcony over looking the Mediterranean Sea, on the island of Crete, Greece, the Instagram account ‘YellowElanor’ came to be.

When beginning my mushroom journey, I found it a challenge to figure out how to get started, especially trying to muddle my way through scientific tCLD-6erminology and technical jargon. Through the process of asking a lot of the same questions and wishing I had a resource to point me in the right direction, this site came to be. With my Instagram page, I see that many others have the same questions I did when starting out, and I hope to bridge the gap for the beginner. But even more than that, I want to open the eyes of everyone-even the oldest of habitual morel hunters-to the way mushrooms are truly the superheroes of nature.

Truly….let us go discover a world that is tiny, yet larger than us…let us go together, and stand in awe of its vastness.