Hello, my name is Rachel, (if you’re used to calling me Elanor, I understand, you can continue to do so if you like).

I am a mommy to one little toddler Bear and a baby River, our young family desires to live a simple life. We live in a one room loft along the White Salmon River, nestled in the foothills of Mt Adams in the small town of BZ Corner, Washington.

CLD-7I adore the Pacific Northwest, living in both Washington and Oregon growing up-and I am convinced this is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Having traveled to many countries across the world, each time I travel home I continue to be convinced of this. Of course, I have had an especially intimate experience with the rivers, mountains and valleys of this area and I know its beauty speaks to me deeply because of it. Camping, hiking, white water rafting, kayaking, hunting, days on the beach, backpacking into the wilderness with my llamas were all a part of my lifestyle growing up. Though I’ve spent endless hours and days in the forest, I do not tire of its unique beauty, and five years ago the mushrooms of the forest caught my attention in a new way.

Hiking with friends on a blustery fall day, in search of the seasons last huckleberries to no gain, our attention turned to the mushrooms just starting to make their appearance. I knew nothing of the edibility, medicinal use or ecological impact of mushrooms, but inspired by what I was taught that day I left the woods with a hat full of fresh mushrooms and a curious mind. It didn’t take long before I was the proud owner of multiple field guides and using every free moment to collect specimens and take photos for identification. Fascinated, I studied and read, talking about mushrooms to anyone willing to listen. And that has brought me here, still excited and in awe of the world of fungi, still studying and learning, and yes, wanting to talk about them to you and anyone else willing to listen.

I hope you enjoy this journey along side me,

Rachel of Yellow Elanor